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  • Can I Customize My Meals?

    We have no menus at DYW, therefore we encourage you to customize your meals. We will provide our services to you no matter what your preferences.
  • What if I Have Specific Dietary Needs?

    Specific dietary needs is only one reason DYW was founded. A diet plan is given to you for a reason, and we are here to help in every way possible.
  • Do I Have to Reheat My Meals?

    DYW prepares meals fresh and ready to eat. Our screening process gives our customers different times during the day for delivery. All meals, unless stated otherwise on the meal box, can be reheated in the microwave.
  • How Do I Store My Meals?

    Just like going to the grocery store to buy your ingredients, you only have a specific time to use certain foods. At DYW, we make every meal fresh and ready to eat. Depending on your particular diet plan, some foods will need to be eaten sooner than others.
  • Where do your ingredients come from?

    At DYW, we find the very best options for your specific diet plan. We have a variety of partners available to fit your needs. Our ingredients can be fully organic, or fully fresh, free-range, or halal depending on your diet plan requirements.
  • When Can I Expect My Meals to Begin Being Delivered After I Order?

    Two to Three Days Max! The time it takes to have your meal depends on the complexity of your diet plan, the availability of the partners, and the process of payment. Always place your order earlier than the date you wish to start your diet.
  • How Do I Pay for My Order?

    PayPal is at the moment, the only acceptable forms of payment.
  • What if No One is Home When My Meals are Delivered?

    You can always modify your address and delivery time provided you give us a 4 hours notice prior to the delivery. If an unexpected change occurs, you can call us at least 4 hours before delivery time and we will make the modification.
  • Where does DYW Deliver and What is the Cost?

    The delivery cost may vary depending on the location of the partner and address you provided but will never be unreasonable.
  • I have food allergies. Can I use your meal delivery services?

    It is important that you state you food alergies in your diet plan so that our partner can avoid causing you any harm. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.
  • How are meals from DYW different than the meals I can buy in the grocery store?

    Our meals are created by professional chefs in restaurant-grade kitchens, which means that you get fresh and healthy meals for the price of a regular TV dinner or fast food. On top of that, you can customize your meals to your preference, which is something you can’t get in a grocery store.
  • I don't need meals delivered every week. Can I skip a week or two?

    Yes, we allow for maximum flexibility when it comes to ordering and canceling. Keep in mind, you need to let us know in advance that you plan to skip a week or canceling services.